🤝Meet the team

The ETHforestAI team comprises a diverse group of experienced professionals with expertise in various domains, including blockchain, IT, content writing, marketing, design, and corporate strategy. This team has come together to develop a cutting-edge platform aimed at revolutionizing the Web3 education space.

The founders of ETHforestAI, are veterans in the crypto world, with significant experience in the IT sector, content writing, and marketing. Their combined knowledge and leadership have been instrumental in shaping the vision and direction of the platform, enabling the creation of a user-centric learning experience.

The designer and artist of the team, has been responsible for crafting the platform's visually appealing and user-friendly interface. Their expertise in design and artistry has played a crucial role in ensuring an engaging and intuitive UI/UX.

The main developer of ETHforestAI, is a full-stack developer with a strong background in blockchain and web development. Their technical skills have been vital to the development and maintenance of the platform, ensuring a seamless and secure learning environment for users.

The advisor and AI developer of ETHforestAI, brings over 10 years of experience in the IT sector and the corporate world. Currently a tech lead and product owner for Pfizer USA, their wealth of knowledge and industry insights have been invaluable in guiding the platform's strategic direction. Additionally, the advisor has taken on a more hands-on role in the development of the platform's AI chatbot, enhancing its capabilities and ensuring it remains a valuable resource for users.

Together, the ETHforestAI team has successfully built a platform that combines innovative technology, engaging design, and a rewarding ecosystem to deliver a unique learning experience in the Web3 space. Their dedication and commitment to the project have laid a solid foundation for future growth and expansion.

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