🤑Earn with ChadSwap

This might be a meme token, but that does not mean its just that. Me and my team are an ambitious bunch and we want to make an impact! So, lets dive right in to the details, bro. 👇 I suppose now you are asking yourself - what the hell is ChadSwap and how does it benefit me? Well bro, lets put it like this, all the CEX platforms have their referral links and we have ours - ChadSwap. You enter using this link - https://chadgpt.cash/chadswap, connect your wallet and that will generate an unique referral link for you that you can share to others. ChadSwap directly uses Uniswap smart contracts and eases everything for the newcomers and veterans alike, imported pair, contract and all - safe and easy! Swap and Earn, a killer combo for sure! But here comes the good part now. As you know bro, I moved the token pair to Uniswap V3 and it has a native 1% tax. Doesn't sound too exciting? Hmmm, don't be so hasty and get this now: Each person that does a buy swap using your referral link generates 1% tax that is pooled and you get ~0.5% in return, that's roughly 50%! Imagine someone doing a swap worth 1000$ - ~0.5% from that amount in $ terms is yours. Now imagine you are spreading the word about ChadGPT, sharing you referral ChadSwap link left and right, and you manage to generate 10-15k volume indirectly, that's 50++ $ that are yours! Nice, huh? There is also a Leaderboard, where you can track how much percent you own from the whole pool. The first claim will be on the 6th of July - 23days from the day of writing and after that a new claim will open every 30 days, 6th of August and so on. Pretty much, me and you split 50/50 because I am Top Chad, bro! An absolute unit, baby! Its a community centered project, let us all benefit from this!

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