$CHADGPT Whitelist Spots

Solid representation, no?
Yo yo, big Chad has you covered!!👊 T1 and T2 $Oxbull and $KWAI stakers automatically receive WL spots for $CHADGPT. $ETHFAI stakers, who have more than 20M staked, also qualify for a WL spot, besides becoming eligible for the 'Airdrop'! Insane stuf broo! Wooooh!🔥🔥🔥 For those of you who do not have T1, T2 wallets or cannot afford to stake 20M+ of $ETHFAI - well, I have thought of you as well. Nobody gets left behind on my watch!!! You can give it a go for free here on ChadGPT's side - https://zealy.io/c/chadgpt/questboard or here on Oxbull's side - https://zealy.io/c/oxbulltechofficial/questboard - 50 WL total spots, #FCFS!