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Introducing ChadGPT

Yoo, hello to the o, broski - GigaChad here👊
It's time to shed some light about this project and its aim! ChadGPT is our second project and it reuses the AI architecture from ETHforestAI, but has a Chad fine-tune twist that you can enjoy. So its a memecoin and has an interesting and fun meme utility! ChadGPT will be a fair market launch and there won't be an IDO for it! $CHADGPT token will be launching on the Ethereum network - Uniswap V2 very soon. The marketing campaign has already started and we have the MVP ready, there will be a buildup of hype for the upcoming week or so, before the launch! Our main focus is still ETHforestAI, its future development and branching, so to all the holders - don't worry, its not over! Since we are massive chads and 40% of the ETHforestAI's IDO raise was left untouched, we decided to create this memecoin and utilize the money through it, so all of you can have a go at it and earn big if you pay attention. Talking about money and leftover funds, we decided to do a massive 20k USD buyback right after launch and do an 'Airdrop' with the tokens - more info here! The other half of the money will be used for marketing purposes during the campaign, nothing will be used for personal gain! Being the chads we are, we also decided to create a WL mechanic which allows a fair way for all of our supporters to have a chance at it, be it on ETHforestAI side or Oxbull's side - more info here! Tokenomics wise, well its a killer - 4k FDV at launch, 0% tax - more info here!